What does it mean to be A Better Builder? It means that the extra mile isn’t extra for us; it’s standard operating procedure. Thinking and acting like an owner makes us unique. We see the entire scope of your project, from the big picture to the smallest details and we plan for and handle them all. A better building is good for everybody: you, your customers, and your employees. That’s why our focus is on providing attractive, well-built, and high-quality interiors, because we know that workspaces like this make people happier, more productive, and healthier. It simple: better buildings mean better lives.

Our vision of being a General Contractor

We are disrupting the business of General Contracting. We’re doing do this by providing enhanced and comprehensive services along with an elevated customer service model. This combination means that projects go more smoothly, making the trajectory of our projects almost frictionless. We also maintain a close relationship with our clients, and the combination creates happier clients; clients who are informed, aware of what’s to come next, knowledgeable of where we are in the schedule and budget, and not worried about any of the details of the project. Our vision means that you get the exact facility you envision, whether it’s an office, lab, retail space, or any commercial interior.

The LWG Team: (Click for bios) 

Our years of experience enable us to keep our core expertise on staff while maintaining a comprehensive system of subcontractors. This enables us to be highly responsive and offer a comprehensive set of services, all while maintaining an efficient cost structure, so that we can bring to the commercial construction market a superior product at a more competitive price. These are some of the people who make that possible:


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