We really do build places people love, and we think love should last forever…or at least as long as you’re in your building. Our range of services means that we are a proactive and responsive partner throughout the life of your facility, starting with plans or site selection, through new construction or TI work, to post-construction facility management to keep your space looking (and functioning) like the day you were officially “open for business.”

Tenant Improvement (TI)

Getting a great outcome with a TI project actually starts before any of the plans are drawn up; it starts with the selection of the building that you’re going to modify. That’s why one of our comprehensive services is to help with site selection. We’ll let you know the benefits and disadvantages of each candidate building before you start with the TI, making a superior outcome much more likely (and that you go into the project fully informed about what the TI project will take).

And, of course we’ll work with you and your architect and ensure we find the highest value methods of getting you exactly what you want, cost-effectively and on time.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Assist with building selection, + and – on each building
  • Work with architect
  • Value engineering

Work through entire construction process to ensure the client gets what they want

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is a critical regulation in California. We are extremely familiar with the requirements for ADA and the thresholds of when you perform TI work when you need to meet ASA compliance

While we are not CASp certified, we are extremely familiar with all of the regulations regarding ADA compliance. We can also supply a CASp certification company for when you are ready to get completely certified.

We will identify what’s required in your specific site and assist in creating budgets to meet all of the requirements needed. And we can bring in certified consultants, if needed, for those unique situations where you need even more expertise.

We can directly get you where you need to be to bring in the CASp inspectors and obtain your certification quickly and on-budget (or better).

  • CASp certified, tells you what they are missing—LWG doesn’t do that
  • General site and building over and budgeting for ADA compliance
  • Certified consultants to bring in if needed
  • (bill pretty much knows what’s needed, but CASp inspectors can write a letter confirming compliance, then the owner can’t be sued)

General Construction

Our General Construction services can cover almost all projects, from small to large, from replacing doors to complete TI and ground-up projects.

And, once we’re done with your projects, we can continue to keep your building pristine as the first day you moved in with our comprehensive facilities management services. Just imagine how effective we can be with facility maintenance, when we know exactly what’s behind each wall.

And to ensure that your project gets built as cost effectively as possible, we’ll provide full value engineering to offer options in materials or processes that will give you the facility your designer or architect envisioned, more cost effectively (see the Value Engineering section for more detail).

  • Consistent with small to large projects, from replacing doors to your complete facility TI or ground-up
  • Help with facilities management needs, from ordering stuff to installing it
  • Quality of work, even in selection of attic stock (extra stuff that you keep in stock after construction
  • Value engineering—work with designer or architect to select products that will keep you project within budget, and keeping quality high

Seismic upgrades

LWG maintains multiple structural engineers to meet our client’s needs. We’ll not only help with the structural engineering itself, but help you select the exact right engineer for your exact physical, schedule, and budgetary needs.

We keep structural engineers both in house and under contract to offer the widest selection possible. You simply won’t have to worry about whether you’ve gotten the right structural engineer for your project; with LWG, you’ll be sure.

  • Many structural engineers for clients’
  • Help selecting the right engineering for you project
  • In-house and subs so you can get just what you need at the best price

Project Close-Out

The old saying is true; the job’s not finished until the paperwork is done. And with LWG you will get a comprehensive package of all needed documents of every aspect of the work we have done for you.

This includes all contractor warranties, as-built drawings, specification packages for all materials and appliances. You’ll have everything you need to maintain your facility so that it looks great and functions perfectly for years to come.

And, we’re only a call away for any assistance you need, even years later.

  • Provide close out docs, all subcontractor warranties, as built drawings, an spec packages for all materials and appliances that were installed in your facility
  • All doc to support facility, and we’re only a call away to assist, even years later