Our deep and extensive experience in construction on almost every type of building enables us to provide you with extremely accurate budgets for anything you need to do, from small improvements to major TI and ground-up projects.

Out standard operating procedure has us develop budgets +10% so there are never any surprises. We would much rather come in under budget than have to submit change orders late in the process, and we will never low bid a project just to stay in the project.

  • Throughout the team of LWG we have deep experience in building, which means we can provide accurate budgeting for everything
  • Note that as we provide an initial budget we provide a 10% bid, so that there are no surprises, because we are a responsible contractor—rather than offer a low bid to stay in the process, we would rather that there be no surprises or change orders late in the project

Preconstruction / Prebuild

The sooner we can be involved with your project, the more value we can add. At the earliest stages of the process, we will tour sites with you and your broker, ensuring that you get a building that can meet your needs as precisely as possible (and understand the benefits and deficits of every building you review). While cost-effectiveness of each building should be something that you review, it’s not necessarily the only concern, and we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive set of requirements for your facility.

We can also help in choosing the architect or designer—because we know and have worked with many of them—so that you get the right talent to fit your needs and vision of what the final product is supposed to be.

With us, you can be assured that you will get exactly the facility you need, within your budget, and on your schedule.

  • Like to be involved from the beginning, planning and touring buildings with your brokers, so that we can recommend what will be best for you—we do realize that cost-effectiveness is not the only thing to look at when you select a building, but it should be one of the elements, after the building has been selected, we’ll help find an architect or designer to find the one that fits your style the best, and then work with them to ensure that all elements meet your budget and quality needs for the type of facility you need


With our broad skill set we offer an extensive range of services to cover just about every contingency that might come up during your project. Early in the project we can offer expert analysis and consulting on your plans and needs, from there we can dig into every detail needed, from expediting permits, to managing your in-house tradespeople.

We can—if you like—become your construction manager, so that you don’t have to be.

  • LWG we have many different skills that we can offer, we can be budget experts/review, PM, and we can be your construction company. We have the capability of consulting in many different way, permit expediter, managing your in-house trades,
  • You don’t have to be a construction manager, we’ll be that for you

Project Management

We maintain an extensive suite of project management software, budget management tools, submittal management, RFI control, and project close out software so that it’s easy and cost-effective to manage every aspect of every project you do. The days of management-by-excel are over; we have precision tools to handle every detail of every project.

LWG takes extreme pride in being able to provide our customers with the smoothest and most seamless experience possible in the construction of any project, from the simplest to the most complex.

  • Very in depth construction management software, budget management, submittal management, RFI management, and project close-out
  • The old way of doing business, on excel, is antiquated, so we have spent a lot of time and effort in putting this together so that we can as cost-effective as possible
  • Detail orientation, so we really do cover everything

Design-engineering consultation

LWG includes a complete set of professional services with a wide variety of talent to draw from. Comprehensive talent and tools enable us to be of incredible value in every aspect of your project, from dirt to doorknobs.

Don’t spend time managing, coordinating, and juggling, multiple vendors and subcontractors. When you hire LWG you’ll be able to just come to us to deal with any aspect of your project. We believe that having a single point of contact for all aspects of your project is less expensive, less time consuming, and far more efficient for you.

  • We have large variety of professional services with talent to draw from, with an extensive subcontractor list, which enables us to build exactly what you’re expecting, from dirt to doorknob

Value Engineering

Value engineering means that we examine every aspect of your project to identify every aspect where you can use different materials or new processes to get the most out of every dollar of your investment, and still get the project as envisioned by you and your designer or architect.

The construction industry—like many industry today—is always changing, advancing, and evolving. It’s a core part of our responsibility to our clients to stay on top of every new advance in the entire construction industry. Working with us will assure you that you get the best value from every aspect of every project you do.

When you’re looking for value from your investment, look no further than LWG.

  • Look at every element of project to recommend better materials or substitutes to give you the same outcome as the designer intended to get you the same outcome more cost efficiently


Scheduling is one of the most complex aspects of construction, and the one where mistakes can have huge effects on your budgets and schedules. That’s why we have chosen to use some of the most advanced and specialized construction scheduling software available.

Any single project beyond the most simple (like changing doors) tends to involve an intense number of details, all of which need to be exactly coordinated to ensure that the right people and products arrive at the right place at the right time.

Anything else exposes you to the risk of errors like having the drywall installers show up two days before the drywall (and then not being able to get them back when the drywall arrives). Mistakes in scheduling are the source of more added costs and frustrations than almost anything else.

At LWG we are experts with precision tools to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

  • Multiple software programs to write and track the most efficient schedule for your project

Sub-Contractor Maintenance

Complex construction projects, and even simple ones, involve a host of subcontractors. Like the overall project, they need to be managed deftly in order to ensure that you have the talent you need in place every day of the project.

LWG maintains a very strong and extensive pool of subcontractors to cover every need you’re likely to have, and we manage them closely as our extended team. We’re a single point of contact for everything you’ll need for your project, and we are highly dedicated to having everything go right, every step of the way.

Through dedication and hard work, at the end, we can always meet the customers’ goals

  • Very strong relationships with an extensive sub base and are able to select the most efficient and cost effective subcontract(s) for your scope of work